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Five Reasons to choose Glass Splashbacks for your Kitchen


If you’re planning a home makeover then kitchen glass splashbacks are ideal. Great splashbacks can completely transform your kitchen and glass is one of the best materials you can choose. Take a look at these five reasons why you should pick glass splashbacks for your kitchen.

1. Super-Strong

Whether you’ve got a busy family kitchen or a professional standard space that you love to cook in, it pays to choose the toughest and strongest splashbacks available. Toughened glass is one of the strongest materials known to man and glass splashbacks are specially treated and extensively tested to withstand nocks, scrapes and excessive heat. Whether there’s gastronomy or a game of cricket going on in your kitchen, your splashbacks will be ready to stand up to daily wear and tear when you choose glass.

2. long-Lasting

In terms of longevity glass splashbacks are one of the best materials to choose. Glass doesn’t degrade, its anti-mould and provided it’s maintained will stay looking good for many years, unlike other materials like tile which can quickly start to look tired and allow dirt to build up. Glass is a timeless material that can work in traditional or modern spaces so once it’s fitted, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to change it for a long time, unless the mood takes you!

3. Timeless

Bright colours are big news in kitchens for 2013, but choosing bold kitchen units or wall colours can cause your décor to quickly date. You can find glass splashbacks available in every colour under the sun, but the slick and sleek look they create is timeless, so even if you choose a colour that’s totally 2013, it will look just as impressive in a decade’s time. A beautiful glass splashback is a unique feature that can inject personality into your room, rather than filling it with the latest trends.

4. Hygenic

Kitchen dirt builds up in layers over time so it can often be hard to ascertain just how dirty your space really is. Glass is incredibly easy to keep clean and splashbacks can be maintained with a little degreaser and elbow grease every so often. There’s no danger of dirt, grease and mould becoming trapped in grouting and causing damage and discolouration and it’s easy to see dirt when it appears so you can clean it off.

5. Bright

Even the biggest room can feel small and cramped when there isn’t enough light and in UK homes, kitchens are notorious for becoming dark spaces. The best way to bring light into a dingy kitchen is by including lots of reflective surfaces. Kitchen glass splashbacks provide the perfect reflective material that will bounce lots of light around the room and make it feel brighter and more airy.

So make sure you choose kitchen glass splashbacks for your home and give your kitchen a slick, sleek and chic new look that will really last the distance.